Diverse Parents’ Perspectives and Roles in Supports for Children with Challenging Behavior

Primary Author: Kathryn Sheridan Stiefel

Faculty Sponsor: Don McMahon


Primary College/Unit: College of Education

Category: Arts and Education Sciences

Campus: Pullman





Responding to the needs and concerns of parents of children with challenging behavior is critical for collaboration across stakeholders. However, in the growing body of research on behavior challenges in youth, the perspectives and roles of parents in discipline and intervention are not always clearly stated. The purpose of this systematic literature review is to explore the themes of the extant research literature at the intersection of “challenging behavior” and “parent roles” across differing regions and cultures.



To determine patterns across the research literature, data was extracted from eight selected articles included in this systematic review. In total, five overarching themes were identified, including: a lack of diversity in research, culturally responsive practices, required elements for sustainable interventions, behavior modification and management strategies, and the importance of community.



The implications of this review may be helpful for parents seeking treatment and/or interventions for their family, or for educational stakeholders that would like to learn more about parents’ perspectives and perceptions of a variety of effective supports at the family and community level. Moving forward, it is the goal of the researcher to capture wider representation of parents’ perspectives and roles. Next steps in this research will include expanding the base of journals searched and search criteria utilized. Additionally, incorporating perspectives of the children in these families with challenging behavior is recommended, so that these children at the heart of this research can be represented in determining the most effective supports for themselves and their families.