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Showcase Distinguished Faculty Address

Distinguished Faculty Address

Recognizing a faculty member’s exemplary achievement

The annual Distinguished Faculty Address honors a faculty member who has risen to the front ranks of his or her discipline through achievements in research, scholarship, and teaching.

2024 Address: Sleep and Its Impact on Performance, Safety, and Health in Our 24/7 Society

By Dr. Hans P.A. Van Dongen


To make services and commodities available around the clock, a wide range of industries must have workers available at any hour of the day. As a result, many individuals working in health care, emergency response, transportation, manufacturing, energy production, and other operational settings cannot obtain adequate amounts of nighttime sleep. This leads to performance impairment, increased risk of accidents and injuries, and long-term health problems. Research at WSU’s world-renowned Sleep and Performance Research Center aims to uncover the mechanisms underlying these issues and develop countermeasures. In his Distinguished Faculty Address, Dr. Van Dongen will discuss a 20-year journey to advance the science of sleep loss and help those whose work hours support our 24/7 society.

Wed., March 27, 3:00 PM
In person at the Spokane Health Education & Research Building, Room 432 (WSU Spokane Campus)

Watch recording here

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