Exploring the Effectiveness of Academic Probation/Reinstatement Interventions on Academic Success Behaviors and Strategies of Undergraduate Students

Primary Author: Katie Reilly

Faculty Sponsor: Olusola Adesope


Primary College/Unit: College of Education

Category: Arts and Education Sciences

Campus: Pullman




Undergraduate students who are on academic probation/reinstatement due to falling short of expected GPA standards set by colleges and universities are at high risk of dropping out or being dismissed. To retain these students and to support students at-risk of academic failure, many colleges and universities have focused on providing interventions to increase retention and academic success. The goal of this pilot study was to examine the impact of academic support interventions that possibly contribute to the academic success and retention of students who are not meeting WSU academic standards.



This study sought to answer the following research questions: 1) What are the overall impacts of academic probation interventions on the academic success strategies and behaviors of students on academic probation? and 2) Which intervention(s) have the most significant impact on the academic success strategies and behaviors of students on academic probation? Using an experimental within-subjects design, this study investigated the impact of three support interventions: an academic success course, academic coaching, and workshops.



Initial results showed increases in positive academic success behaviors and strategies for all three interventions, however academic coaching interventions saw higher gains in academic success strategies and behaviors than students enrolled in an academic success course or students assigned to workshops. While research has mostly focused on impacts academic success courses have on supporting students on academic probation/reinstatement, this study suggests that research should begin exploring additional methods of support that may ultimately be more constructive to this special population.