Division I Athletics: What is Marketed to Recruits during the Recruiting Process?

Primary author: Taylor Shewchuk
Co-author(s): Brian Elzie
Faculty sponsor: Yong-chae Rhee

Primary college/unit: College of Education
Campus: Pullman


The purpose of this study was to identify what aspects collegiate coaches find most important to market to prospective athletes during the recruitment period. Previous research has examined sport-specific decision factors and overall National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) factors, but not school-specific factors. To investigate this topic, a survey was circulated to all head coaches and recruitment coordinators at a division I, power five conference school located in a small town in the northwestern United States. In-depth interviews with seven coaches and recruitment coordinators followed. Five main factors were determined to be important marketing points (both positive and negative) for coaches at this specific university. Implications for this university are addressed, as well as how the university can build off of these five factors turn previous deterrents into marketable aspects for recruits.