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Showcase 2019 Faculty & Staff awards

Honoring distinguished members of the University community

Eminent Faculty Award

This award is the university’s highest faculty honor. It recognizes a scholar who has changed the thinking in his or her field through teaching, research, creative scholarship, and service. The recipient must have contributed notably to the vitality and strength of the Washington State University community and have served the university for at least 10 years.

2017    Kelvin G. Lynn, mechanical and materials engineering [Video]
2016    B.W. “Joe” Poovaiah, horticulture [Video]
2015    John Reganold, crop and soil sciences
2014    Ronald C. Mittelhammer, agricultural economics
2013    Guy H. Palmer, global animal health
2012    Michael J. Smerdon, molecular biosciences
2011    Gregory W. Yasinitsky, music

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V. Lane Rawlins Distinguished Lifetime Service Award

Honoring individuals who have given a substantial part of their career to advancing WSU through excellent service and have demonstrated great personal commitment to the university and community

2017    Nancy Magnuson, molecular biosciences [Video]
2016    Frances K. McSweeney, psychology [Video]
2015    Kenneth L. Casavant, agricultural economics [Video]
2013    Nicholas P. Lovrich, political science
2012    Thomas A. Brigham, psychology
2011    Muriel Oaks, distance and professional education

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President’s Distinguished Teaching Award for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Recognizing up to two non-tenure track faculty members who epitomize the highest levels of performance and excellence and who provide a vital role in teaching WSU students

Xiaopeng Bi, mechanical and materials engineering [Video]
Debbie Brinker, nursing [Video]

Lisa Carloye, biological sciences [Video]
Karl Olsen, civil and environmental engineering [Video]

Nicholas Cerruti, physics [Video]
Kate McAteer, biological sciences [Video]

Andrew S. O’Fallon, software engineering
Samantha Swindell, psychology

Pamela Awana Lee, fine arts
Judy Meuth, critical culture, gender, and race studies

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Sahlin Faculty Excellence Awards

Each of the four Sahlin Awards recognizes outstanding achievement in one of the following areas of faculty performance:

 InstructionLeadershipOutreach and engagementResearch, scholarship, and arts
2016-17Julie A. Kmec, sociologyCraig Parks, psychologyDouglas Walsh, entomologyDouglas R. Call, veterinary medicine
2015-16Charles Munson, financeJohn Roll, WSU SpokaneCarol Black, entomologyDiane Cook, electrical engineering and computer science
2014-15Kristen A. Johnson, animal sciencesVicki A. McCracken, economic sciencesKim D. Patten, horticulture, WSU ExtensionKenneth L. Nash, chemistry
2013-14Charles Pezeshki, mechanical and materials engineeringDebra Inglis, plant pathologySue B. Clark, chemistryThomas Besser, veterinary microbiology and pathology
2012-13Catherine A. Elstad, pharmaceutical sciencesAmy S. Wharton, sociologyClayton J. Mosher, sociologyKerry W. Hipps, chemistry
2011-12Lori M. Carris, plant pathologyRobert E. Rosenman, economic sciencesGary G. Grove, plant pathologyWendy C. Brown, veterinary microbiology and pathology

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Faculty Diversity Award

Recognizing distinctive and outstanding teaching, research or creative work and/or service/outreach that advances diversity at Washington State University

2017    Paul Kwon, psychology [Video]
2016    Paula Groves Price, education [Video]
2015    Pamela Bettis, education
2014    Dana Baker, public policy
2013    Eric J. Johnson, education
2012    Ella Inglebret, speech and hearing sciences
2011    Carol Allen, nursing

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Promotion to the rank of Regents Professor

The rank of Regents Professor can be held by no more than 30 Washington State University faculty members at any one time. Promotion to Regents Professor requires service to the university for at least 7 years and attainment of the highest level of professional achievement.  Each college may nominate only two faculty members as candidates for this promotion each year.

K.W. Hipps, materials science and engineering
Debbie Lee, english

Juming Tang, biological systems engineering
Kelvin Lynn, physics and mechanical & materials engineering

Eugene Rosa, sociology
Terry McElwain, global animal health

Thomas Okita, biological chemistry
Sue Ritter, veterinary and comparative anatomy, pharmacology, and physiology
Michael P. Wolcott, civil and environmental engineering

Sue B. Clark, chemistry
Herbert H. Hill, chemistry

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President’s Employee Excellence Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions to the University by administrative professional and classified employees from across the state

2017    Raul Garza, Jr. [Video], Don Hulst [Video], Darrel Nelson [Video], Tom Parrish [Video], Josue Rodriguez [Video]
2016    Kelly Beckman-Nigro [Video], Aaron Brumbaugh [Video], Vickie Dickson [Video], Kim Holapa [Video], Coree Newman-Coronado [Video]
2015    Gayle Anderson, Susan Cao, Ann Marie Gooch, Amy Grey, Brady Ratsch
2014    Brandon Anderson (posthumous award), Kris Boreen, Galen Gorence, Don Holbrook, Sisouvanh Keopanapay
2013    Joseph Beck, Barry Birdsell, Heather Burke, Heather Cochran, Norene Phillipson
2012    Donna Clark, Jean Grammer, Nancy Lira, Eldon Loe, Becki Meehan
2011    Kenny Bisagno, Bill Gardner, Kimiaki Hirosi, Pama Manoranjan, Sharon Taff

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Samuel H. Smith Leadership Award

The Samuel H. Smith Leadership Award was established in 2000 to show AFW’s appreciation to President Emeritus Smith for his leadership in advancing the role of women at WSU. The criteria for the award are as follows: “The recipient of the Award shall be an AFW member whose leadership has advanced the role of women in the Washington State University system and/or who has demonstrated leadership in higher education, the community, or her profession at the local, state, regional, national or international level.”

2016    Julia Pomerenk [Video]
2015    Laura Lavine [Video]
2014    Sheila Converse
2013    Margaret Black
2012    Katherine Lovrich
2011    Rebecca Craft
2010    Carol Ivory
2009    Lori Carris
2008    Erica Austin
2007    Marcia Saneholz
2006    Muriel Oaks
2005    Nancy Magnuson
2004    KNona Liddell
2003    Carolyn Clark
2002    Sue Armitage
2001    Fran McSweeney
2000    Sue Durant
Special Recognition    Judy Mitchell