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Showcase 2017 Abstract Review

Academic Showcase

Review process

Each abstract is reviewed by two faculty members using the Abstract Evaluation Rubric (pdf). If there is disagreement between reviewers, the abstract is sent to a third reviewer.  If there are still questions, the abstract is brought before the entire Academic Showcase Committee for review.

Invitation to participate

Most accepted applicants will receive invitations by email to participate in mid-February.

Because presentation space in Academic Showcase is limited, not all authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to participate. Invitations will be issued based on evaluation of abstracts and available space.

GPSA Research Exposition

The GPSA committee will evaluate all abstracts. Accepted applicants will be notified by email in mid-February. To be considered, all abstracts must follow submission guidelines. Abstracts will be evaluated using the GPSA Abstract Rubric.