“Enrichment” Curriculum Plan: Creative Thought in Education Policy

Primary Author: Kiersten Guetlein

Faculty Sponsor: AG Rud


Primary College/Unit: College of Education

Category: Arts and Education Sciences

Campus: Pullman




Principle Topic:

This project is a cursory curriculum plan for a hypothetical “enrichment” class designated for students at the 6-12 grade levels. The purpose of this project is to think creatively about ways to address multiple education policy concerns through new curriculum development in a practical, applicable manner. Projects such as this are necessary to push scholarly work into policy reform by presenting practical methods that can produce long-term change and be adopted into the current school systems.



This project begins with a brief overview of current concerns in education policy. In order to address these concerns, a curriculum plan for an “enrichment” course is proposed. The course aims to address policy concerns in a manner that pushes boundaries while still operating within the current school structure. This is accomplished through a changing semester curriculum designed by local school officials according to the following five units: economy, environment, history in perspective, current events, and community.



This project addresses several concerns in education policy, including ability tracking, standardized testing, limited control in curriculum for local districts and teachers, and lack of diversity within curriculum. The required guidelines foster diversity in thought, critical thinking, and holistic education, helping to bridge gaps in the current curriculum. This project offers creative solutions to the field of education policy and has considerable potential; it not only addresses several concerns simultaneously but can also be implemented into existing schools’ structures.