Student Athlete Motivational Factors behind University Choice

Primary author: Jayson Gibb
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Rhee

Primary college/unit: Sport Management
Campus: Pullman


This study is evaluating and presenting the motivational factors that affect a student athlete’s University choice. By examining the different motivational factors presented within this study, we hope to understand the crucial motivational factors that can be utilized in the future by Universities within the recruiting process. From previous studies different factors were clear motivations to the choice over others. Within this study we looked at 13 different athletes on both the Men’s and Women’s basketballs conducting informal interviews to gauge the reasoning behind their choice of University. Rather than narrowing the scope only two broad questions were asked in order to allow discussion between the participants and allow a natural answer develop through conversation that did not feel pressured. The responses were recorded by the interviewers and the data was compared in order to slim down the important motivational factors.